Thank you for your interest in giving your gently-used home furnishings a second life. Your donation will help a family in need build a better future and transform their house into a true home.

The Capital Region Furniture Bank is a nonprofit program operated by the Homeless and Travelers Aid Society.

Here’s how it works:

 Our team will pick up the donated item(s) at your location. There is a nominal process charge of $50 for pickups.

(why is there a charge?)

Your donation will transported to our warehouse.

A formally homeless household will come to our warehouse and shop for the items they need.

Our team delivers their selections, all with no cost to the recipient.

Your gently-used furniture donation gains a second life in service to a neighbor who is living in furniture poverty and stays out of a landfill.

Did you know?
The majority of used furniture ends up in the landfill. In 2018, our Furniture Bank team diverted 112 tons of furniture from area landfills. Your furniture donation goes a long way toward helping our community and helping our planet!

Donation Submission Form

Use the form below to contact our staff regarding your donation of gently-used home furnishings, or call 518-612-BANK.

Please note: The Furniture Bank only accepts gently used unstained furniture items. While minor damage is acceptable, we reserve the right to refuse furniture items that are damaged beyond usefulness or are not a good fit for the needs of those we serve. To this end, please also be aware that the Furniture bank does not accept televisions larger than 32 inches and/or over 25 lbs. in weight.

All pickups are subject to a nominal process charge of $50 which is collected at the point of pickup. Please make all checks payable to “HATAS”. A receipt will be provided.

Please Note: Our program focuses on basic home furnishings that accommodate small apartments, which often lack elevators and have narrow stairwells and hallways. We ask that all furniture is in usable condition without significant tears and stains. We do not reupholster fabrics, and we do not repair damaged furniture.

Don’t have any gently-used home furnishings that fit the bill?
You can still make an impact.

Support the Capital Region Furniture Bank >

From a generous donor:

…Thank you for helping me connect to the furniture bank. The whole process was efficient, easy, and your team was outstanding. Arranging the pickup (which was so last minute on my end) was easy and your team kept me in the loop at all the points along the way. The two gentlemen who picked up the mattress were so courteous and kind and professional. Please send my deepest thanks to all these team members.

Juliette P.

Why Furniture?

There are many reasons why individuals become homeless, however the long term solution looks the same across the board; it involves stable housing and gainful employment.

While a new home that is a stable place to live is a critical key to success, home furnishings are another piece of the puzzle.

Many of us take even simple furnishings such as beds, dressers, and lamps for granted. Without these basic essentials however, the journey of turning a new home into a true home is a difficult one—not to mention the impact a lack of basic furniture can have on a person’s job search.

The Furniture Bank truly is a model of successful grassroots funding.

The Bank’s entire operating budget is raised and maintained through the generosity of the community and the power of neighbors helping neighbors. Even just one donation of a gently-used home furnishing can make an impact toward building a stable future for a family right here in the Capital Region.

Don’t have any furniture that is ready to live a second life? Even a modest donation makes a difference.

This program compliments our continued success elsewhere in our mission to combatreduce, and prevent homelessness within the Capital Region and beyond.

Your contribution helps neighbors here in the Capital Region put their best foot forward and live their best lives—one home at a time.

— — — — — — — —

Have a question about The Furniture Bank?

Check out our FAQ page or contact us.

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