Team Scheduling Center – Instructions

Thank you for your team’s commitment to make an impact in our community.

To ensure that the backpack packing and delivery process goes smoothly we ask that our packing teams select a time that is a best fit for their needs, but also select time slots that have not already been taken. Use the calendar below to claim a time slot.

All submissions will be reviewed, and we may contact you to reschedule if need be.

For a seamless and productive process, we ask that only full teams of 6-8 people request time slots. See the instructions below.


For Teams of 6-8 People

Review the calendar on the next page. Look for a time that fits your availability, and use the form below the calendar to add your team’s packing session where appropriate.

Please provide a phone number or email address for contact purposes – we will need to notify you that your submission has been approved. Once your time slot request has been submitted, scroll to the bottom of the page to confirm submission.

Once a submission has been approved, that date and time will be locked to prevent scheduling conflicts.

Please Note: Your provided contact information (phone number or email address) will be visible to other teams via our team calendar.

Contact us with any questions, or call (518) 463-2124.

For Teams of Less Than 6 People

Our backpack packing sessions are structured for a fast and efficient packing and delivery process. This process is best completed with a team of a minimum of six people.

If your team is smaller than 6 people contact us, or call (518) 463-2124. We may be able to match your team with others to reach the minimum size.

For Individuals

Our backpack packing sessions are more than one or two people can reasonably handle. The sessions are built around team commitments of 6-8 people. We ask that individual volunteers work with us directly to schedule a time that is a best fit for everyone.

If you are a volunteer looking to contribute your time or expertise to HATAS, please submit your contact information via our volunteer page. Your information is submitted securely and is not shared with third parties.