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Emergency Services

HATAS Housing/Homeless Emergency Services are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to make sure that everyone who comes to us for help will have a safe place to sleep that night.

24-Hour Homeless Emergency Services Program (24-HHES)

24-HHES is the central intake, assessment, and referral point for homeless Albany County residents needing shelter. 24-HHES arranges placements in area shelters for homeless families and their children, single adults, teen parents, and youth. Our caring, compassionate and professional case managers connect people to an array of HATAS and community services. We ensure that no one falls through the cracks.

Office Hours: Monday thru Friday, 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM.

24 Hours Emergency Services: (518) 463-2124 and (866) 201-7399 (toll free)

After-Hours Heating Emergency Assistance Program (HEAP)

HEAP responds to after-hours fuel and heating energy assistance requests made by low-income Albany County residents. Assistance is available through the agency's established emergency services telephone hotline. HATAS is authorized, on behalf of Albany County, to arrange for emergency fuel deliveries and heating equipment repairs to resolve seasonal heating emergencies during the evening, weekends, and holidays.

Permanent Supportive Housing

HATAS provides 104 units of supported housing to homeless individuals and families. Primarily funded by HUD grants, but also by the Albany County Department of Mental Health and Albany Housing Authority, our case managers assist families and individuals with disabling conditions find and maintain housing.

Shelter Plus Care

This supportive housing program provides rental subsidies and case management for homeless people disabled by a serious and persistent mental illness. Consumers are linked to treatment and community services and are encouraged to reach their highest level of independence and self-sufficiency. Life skill building and support are provided by our professional and care case management staff. HATAS currently has 35 housing vouchers for permanent housing under the Shelter Plus Care program.

Pathways Projects (Pathways and Family Pathways)

The HATAS Pathways Project integrates housing and employment support services for 58 households with a history of homelessness and a disabling condition. The program includes rental subsidies, service planning, job-readiness training, employment placement assistance, case management, referrals to treatment, and other community services. We often serve those who have been labeled "service resistant" and "chronic," including those who may not be ready to comply with the requirements of more traditional rehabilitation programs. Successful participants progress toward their highest possible level of independent living, sustaining both housing and employment in the community.

Bonus Project

The Bonus Project is a Collaborative permanent supportive housing program with HATAS, Interfaith Partnership for the Homeless, and St. Catherine's. This is a 28 unit PSH program split between the 3 agencies providing housing to chronically homeless, disabled individuals and families. This program provides a rental subsidy, case management services, service planning, job-readiness training, employment placement assistance, referrals to treatment, and other community services.

Homeless Rapid Re-Housing

HATAS seeks to put a permanent end to decades of struggle by supporting the journey from homelessness with one-on-one intensive case management.

Solutions to End Homelessness Program (STEHP)

The HATAS Rapid Re-Housing program combines intensive case management with a rental subsidy to homeless single adults struggling with multiple barriers including mental illness, chronic homelessness, substance abuse, and prison records. STEHP is funded through an annual grant with NYSOTDA. The primary milestone is based on the number of successful housing outcomes on an annual basis. Within the first contract year, 12 single adults ended their decade's long condition of homelessness.

Community Transition Team (CTT)

The HATAS Community Transition Team provides support to mentally ill persons transitioning from hospitals and other institutions back to the community. We help hospital staff and patients identify the most appropriate residential option in the community, guide patients through the transition back to the community, and make sure supports are in place when special assistance is needed.

Aging Out Adolescent Program (AOA)

HATAS works with the Albany County Department of Mental Health helping adolescents "aging out" of the children's mental health system make the transition to adult services and live as independently as possible. In addition to counseling and case management, we also help with housing, education, vocational training, and employment.

Albany HANDS

This mental health/criminal justice program works with homeless and "at risk" individuals who are non-violent offenders living with mental illness and co-occurring substance abuse disorders. We coordinate with local courts and treatment providers, and develop service plans that allow individuals to avoid incarceration while they comply with treatment and connect with housing and employment.

Prison Re-Entry Program

HATAS assists high risk parolees transition from prison to home through employment and housing support.

The Prison Re-Entry Program serves parolees returning to Albany County from NYS Prisons. The goal is to reduce recidivism through housing stability, employment, transportation, and support services. HATAS helps parolees find a place to live, secure employment, and obtain a NYS ID. Funding is provided through Albany County Department of Mental Health with the original source being the Dept. of Criminal Justice Services.

Ready Set Work (RSW)

HATAS partners with the Trinity Alliance Capital South Campus to teach an approved Cognitive Behavioral Intervention (CBI) course called Ready Set Work. RSW is designed to specifically assist parolees in their search for meaningful employment. Each RSW session lasts five weeks and the students meet once per week for four hours.

Housing and Employment Center

Hours:Monday through Friday, 8:30AM - 7:00PM

The Center

Located at the HATAS main office (138 Central Avenue), "The Center" provides individuals with internet access and free access to a printer, copier, fax, and phone. Over 110 at-risk and homeless adults use "The Center" every month to find jobs, search for affordable apartments, apply for benefits, attend online classes, and connect with family and friends through social media. A large portion of employment opportunities are advertised solely online through sites like Craig's List and; however, those most in-need of employment do not have consistent supported access to the internet.

The Kid's Zone

The Kid's Zone gives children a television-free space to spend time while their caregivers look for a job and/or a place to live at "The Center."

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