Supportive Housing

We Connect

Supporting Housing connects disabled adults and families experiencing homelessness to safe, affordable housing assistance with wraparound supportive services.

It Works

Supporting Housing is shown to increase housing stability, improve health, and increase self-sufficiency for the most vulnerable individuals and families.

Superior Service

Individually tailored and flexible support services are designed around each consumer’s unique needs.

Making a Difference

HATAS currently provides over 100 units of supportive housing to our neighbors in need.

Permanent housing offers a meaningful and lasting solution to end homelessness on a case-by-case basis.

Supportive housing is a critical stabilizing factor within the lives of the people HATAS helps. The reasons that members of our community struggle with homelessness are as diverse as our community itself. We learned a long time ago that a one-size-fits-all solution doesn’t provide the level of assistance we strive to deliver.

As a result, our supportive housing program is the cornerstone of providing compassionate, meaningful, and effective aid to members of our community.

Supportive housing, however, isn’t the only piece of the puzzle. Providing housing for people struggling with homelessness doesn’t magically resolve the situation, and it isn’t a permanent solution. When we take the long view of how best to help our clients, HATAS looks at how we help people both before and after they are placed in a housing unit.

Our goal is to put our clients into a position where they will no longer need to be our clients.

Having a place to live, but no job to pay rent means the place won’t be yours for very long. Similarly, before having a stable home, mental health issues and substance abuse behaviors sometimes require attention.

This path to independence is known as the continuum of care.

The Continuum of Care

The continuum of care at HATAS is a series of stages that our clients move through to gain stability within their lives and to leave homelessness behind them. At the beginning of the continuum are short-term relief programs designed to help people who are in need right now.

As clients progress through the stages of the continuum, the programs provide longer-term solutions. Supportive housing is one of these solutions.

While the continuum of care is a standardized and widely accepted approach to combating, reducing, and preventing homelessness, ultimately HATAS helps people. The continuum of care provides an effective blueprint we use to ensure that every person who comes through our doors gets the assistance they deserve. Still, not all of our clients fit the mold.

We take pride in our ability to identify the best ways to help clients.

Some may skip stages along the continuum, while others may need a more intensive, detail-oriented approach. It is this personal touch and client-centric approach that sets HATAS apart and makes us a leader within the community.

Learn more about other HATAS programs, or get involved and help a neighbor today.

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