Prison Reentry


To date, the Prison Reentry program has made a tremendous impact on the lives of over 250 former New York State Prison inmate returning to our community.


Prison Reentry clients are supported with full housing coverage – 100%. This is a come home, stay home program that seeks to reduce recidivism.


The Prison Reentry program is focused on client wellness. This means moving toward a drug- and alcohol-free environment and finding mental health treatment solutions where necessary.

Back on Track

The Prison Reentry program helps clients find gainful and productive employment meant to put them back on track and stay on track.

The Prison Reentry Program has been an unqualified success for hundreds of justice-involved persons throughout the Capital Region. By offering the focused support that is needed, HATAS helps members of our community come home and stay home.

It’s no secret that justice-involved persons—individuals who have been incarcerated—face challenges when they come home. These challenges include a lack of housing, mental health issues, substance abuse, lack of education, and no access to gainful employment.

Each case is unique, and we take pride in providing focused support that is tailored to our client’s needs.

Our goal is to put our clients into a position where they will no longer need to be our clients.

The HATAS Prison Reentry program has been an unqualified success for more than 250 community members within the Capital Region and beyond.

Take the story of Janelle.

After being granted parole, Janelle came to HATAS looking for assistance in securing housing. She was enrolled in our Prison Reentry Program.

This program helped Janelle move into her own apartment while securing employment at a local grocery store. HATAS was able to provide Janelle with everyday life essentials such as basic housewares, furnishings, and transportation through CDTA bus passes.

The path out of homelessness is not an easy one. Janelle faced numerous challenges and hardships throughout her year-long journey.

When she thought of giving up, HATAS provided support to help her persevere.

She completed our Solutions to End Homelessness Program (STEHP) and is now daring to imagine a future in a larger apartment, returning to college to complete her education and, most importantly, being reunited with her children.

Janelle is just one of the hundreds of people who come to HATAS in need of help.

Her story is still unfolding as a success. But the stories of those who come through our doors are as numerous and diverse as our community itself. These people are friends and neighbors who need our help in overcoming what is often a desperate situation.

The path to breaking the cycle of homelessness is a journey.

No one should have to take this journey alone. With the support of community members just like you, we can duplicate Janelle’s success story for so many of the Capital Region’s residents who are in need.

Learn more about other HATAS programs, or get involved and help a neighbor today.

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