The DeNooyer Grassroots Giveaway – Proud April Recipients

HATAS is proud and grateful to be named the April 2018 recipient of the DeNooyer Grassroots Giveaway.

Each month through August of this year, DeNooyer Chevrolet is giving away $4,500 to a different Capital Region nonprofit, and this month HATAS is being recognized for our 90+ years of service within the community.

This generous contribution helps us continue our mission to preventing, reducing, and combating homelessness within the Capital Region and beyond.

Join us in thanking DeNooyer Chevrolet for their commitment, and check out the radio spot below.


You can read more about the DeNooyer Chevrolet commitment to making a difference within our community and the Grassroots Giveaway program at their blog here.

The DeNooyer Chevrolet commitment is a generous one, but we still have a long way to go and every bit helps.

Join DeNooyer Chevrolet and the HATAS team in our mission to prevent, reduce, and combat homelessness within the Capital Region and beyond. Making a lasting impact for the future of our community has never been more important.

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