Our Stories


"I've been involved with many different types of organizations [and]…I've never found one that truly cares for their clients like you do. For many years I've had people slam their doors in my face, and tell me that I was no good… I remember when I first started working with all of you, and caused all of you a lot of problems, and trouble, but you… people looked beyond my anger and rage, and still treated me as if I was a nice and calm person. I know that it had to be hard at times for you not to throw me out, but you never did. I never really could understand why you never threw me out until a couple of years ago. Once I saw that you were all here to help me, and not hurt or judge me I was able to see how lucky a person I was to have found such a great organization available to me and to people like me. I hope that I have shown all of you my thanks for treating me so nicely, and giving me the chances that nobody else would give me. I know that I still have a long way to go, but as long as you're still willing to be there for me, I'll keep on working to change the things that I need to change. None of you will ever really know how much you've helped me. I know it was very hard for you at times, but thank you for not giving up on me. Again, thank you for saving me."

Thank you,
Albany Housing Authority/HATAS Shelter Plus Care Consumer

To the Dedicated HATAS Workers:

"This is a letter of appreciation and gratitude. I walked into your office after existing as a crack addict and a prostitute, a thief, an adulteress and a liar. 2 years was engrained in my appearance and in my character. My spirit was crushed. You did not turn me away and I have now found the Lord. Through looking back on my journey my father lays it heavy on my heart to communicate the blessings that run through your offices. People are finding a new way of life. I know at the time I was sitting broken in your office my destiny was not foreseen to such a maximum experience such as this. Thank you once again and be encouraged, you are saving lives."

HATAS Homeless Services Consumer


"I have been in and out many facilities. I'm taking the time to write this letter to show you my appreciation of the services that I've been established with, mainly to point out the outstanding relationships the Homeless and Travelers Aid Program has with clients. I have found my case manager to be considerate and consciously aware of my mental status and behavior. I am strongly confident that I can confide in him and through discussion I have found that we are able to resolve any situation. His professional awareness of mental patients renders a great deal to society and those who know him, he is a special person to those he has aided. I would like to thank him personally for his support and outstanding concern. I have had many workers. Some treated me as a client, yet my HATAS case manager goes out his way and treats me as the person that I am. Thank you very much."

HATAS Homeless Services Consumer

To the Pathways Employment Program Staff:

"I'm grateful, you're the best, self sufficiency is to live, adjust and prosper! Keep up the good work from your hearts; you keep hope alive for your clients. That means a lot to a person in a different situation striving from ugly circumstances that they truly have endured. It's not just knowing how to do the job, but it's the attention, and concern. You treat your client as a productive caring citizen. That makes me feel equal to you. Your social skills are tremendously immaculate. It's pure from my vision, you make your clients feel alive and like they are special and worth it. God bless you all."

HATAS Pathway to Employment Consumer