What is Code Blue Albany (CBA)?

Code Blue Albany is an outreach, transportation, and shelter protocol to engage, transport, and shelter homeless people in the City of Albany who might otherwise remain unsheltered during periods of extreme winter weather. CBA protocols will be in place between November 15 and March 15.

A Code Blue is called when the temperature is expected to be 32 degrees or less and/or twelve inches of snow is expected. The wind chill is considered when determining whether or not to call a Code Blue.

Principles: Humanitarian Assistance - our goal is to prevent unsheltered homeless people from experiencing threats to life and health from exposure to severe winter weather.

Low Demand: Routine agency eligibility determination, screening, program participation expectations, and service requirements and engagement will be suspended and/or amended in the interest of removing any perceived barriers to accepting emergency shelter.

Code Blue Albany is currently in its sixth season. Last year (2015/2016) Albany area shelters provided 8,000+ bed nights to homeless households in crisis. In addition to shelter, homeless households are fed and clothed. Several Code Blue adults permanently left the streets and were connected to a long term housing solution. The Homeless and Travelers Aid Society does not operate any of the organizations listed below. Our role is to serve as the Code Blue Coordinator and we're blessed and humbled by the work done by our partners in service.

Participating Agencies:

Albany County Coalition on Homelessness
Albany County Department of Social Services
Albany Fire Department
Albany Police Department
Albany Public Library
Capital Area Council of Churches Emergency Overflow Homeless Shelter
Capital City Rescue Mission
Catholic Charities Housing Office
City of Albany
Homeless Action Committee
Homeless and Travelers Aid Society (Code Blue Coordinator)
Interfaith Partnership for the Homeless
Veterans Administration Homeless Outreach Team

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