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The number of homeless families in Albany County requiring emergency shelter has tripled since 2000. But you can help! By making a donation today, you will help end homelessness for hundreds of local families. Funds raised will be used to support homelessness prevention and rapid re-housing programming. Prevention and Rapid Re-housing are proactive responses to the homeless program. In both cases, funding goes directly to the landlord and each case is monitored for success. Families are also assisted with budgeting, financial planning, job searches, etc. Prevention and Rapid Re-housing work together to quickly assist local households in need of services and you can help by making a donation today.

Facts about Homelessness:

Nationally, one in 45 children experience homelessness each year. While homeless, they experience high rates of acute and chronic health problems. The constant barrage of stressful and traumatic experience also has profound effects on their development and ability to learn.


Children experiencing homelessness:

• Are sick four times more often than other children.  They have:

– Four times as many respiratory infections.

– Twice as many ear infections.

– Five times more gastrointestinal problems.

– Four times more likely to have asthma.

• Go hungry at twice the rate of other children.

• Have high rates of obesity due to nutritional deficiencies.

• Have three times the rate of emotional and behavioral problems as non-homeless children.

Experiences of Violence

Violence plays a major role in the lives of homeless children.

• By age 12, 83% had been exposed to at least one serious violent event.

• Almost 25% have witnessed acts of violence within their families.

Developmental Milestones and Academic Performance

Children experiencing homelessness are:

• Four times more likely to show delayed development.

• Twice as likely to have learning disabilities as non-homeless children.

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